“Mom, Who Will Marry Me?”


July 2012. J calls this “my wedding dress.”


July 2012. A&J were the ring boy and flower girl in my cousin’s wedding.

Bedtime conversation, 25 July 2015

J: Mom, who will marry me?

M: Julianna, you are four.

J: I’m pretending!

M: OK. Um, how about Kristoff? Is he OK?

J: Mom, come on. I’m not in Arendelle.


Winter 2014. Not in Arendelle.

One thought on ““Mom, Who Will Marry Me?”

  1. What a courageous and beautiful family you are!
    I’d really love to be of support to you in whatever way you need it . Your daughter is a gift from God to us all …. helping us to find innocence again, and the deepest peace of one who knows God. Thank you.
    (Palliative Care Practitioner)


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