Happy Birthday, Julianna!

Will I still be your baby even when I am a queen? — Julianna, age 4

Julianna is 5 today!


Aug 2015

We are celebrating Julianna’s birthday a few times this year. A few weeks ago, there was a joint birthday cake with brother Alex and her beloved cousin.

A look back:


2011 – 1st birthday


2012 – 2nd birthday


2013 – 3rd birthday


2014 – 4th birthday

Happy birthday to the most fearlessly happy person I know.

In your five years, you have:

Been a biker chick.


Summer 2012

Gone blonde


Winter 2014

Cruised around in the coolest carriage ever.


Halloween 2014

Been very, very silly


Summer 2013

Battled your way through way too many weeks in the PICU and, somehow, come out smiling.


Feb 2014

Every day, you teach us how to live. We love you madly.

I love love. Love is real. — Julianna, age 4

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Julianna!

    Princess Julianna

    Hope you have a lovely
    day!!! Filled with lots
    of fun and surprises.
    Love & Kisses
    Miss Tracey


  2. You are such a wonderful little girl Julianna. I pPray that God makes you stronger every day. I think you are very brave and courageous and very clever at making up stories. You could even write your own books now that you are 5 ! Never be afraid, God is watching over you and with you wherever you are. He is only a prayer away. My mummy went to heaven and she always told me not to be sad if she died as heaven is wonderful place where everyone is happy all the time and there is no sickness or pain.
    My daddy joined her in August this year and I miss him but I know he is so happy to be with my mum again for ever and ever. May God bless you abundantly dear and your family. It is hard what you are going through but you are a really special family !


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