Hugs and Stink Eye: Julianna Live

When writer’s block hits, it’s time for live action! These are some of our favorite Julianna videos.


For a while, Julianna was able to walk short distances in a walker. This was taken on one of the first days she used the walker. She is about 18 months old — and confident! (Note: Sammy was my very first baby. She is in doggie heaven now.)

A child’s first steps are always special, no matter how they come. She hasn’t been able to use a walker for almost two years, and I couldn’t watch this clip for a while. Today, I’m just grateful that she was able to walk for a time. Some day, she will do much more.


I’m including this one because it just cracks us up. We did teach her to say “praise the Lord.” But the raising of the hands and the exuberance is all Julianna.


Alex is a fantastic big brother. But he doesn’t always want to hug his sister.


Julianna has a flair for drama (which is a nice way for saying she is dramatic.) I have always thought that she could be an actress. Last summer, she showed her range. My favorite is “stink eye.”

6 thoughts on “Hugs and Stink Eye: Julianna Live

  1. she is so beautiful! i have 3 and 1 year old daughters…my heart is so broken…

    your love and strength will be a great inspirarion for all the mothers!

    you guys are in my prayers!


  2. Hahahahaha ok now I know why Julianna, at age 5, says “Okay- this is getting weird …”, ‘cos she obviously got off to a really rockin’ good start on the talkin’! ❤ (Dramatic is right, haha ;-))

    Love the stinkeye too by the way, that's incredibly expressive for a tiny toddler, heh :p

    Sending stuff your way soon (hopefully reaching you before Christmas!!!), placed an online order over the weekend which I received today. Hoping to compile & mail stuff within a week, since I'll be away early December & will send this before then (otherwise it's too late for Christmas – cos I'll come back too close to Christmas + hol season mail always takes that bit longer -_-)

    ❤ xx

    Eudora (jiejie)


  3. Michelle and Steve,
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful J with the world. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about her since I first read your story last month. I have a 6 year old daughter, E, who has the same mischievous gleam in her eye, an infectious smile, a zest for life, and an indomitable spirit. She loves all things princess and sparkly and pink. And because like J she is half Asian and half Caucasian, they share a lot of similar coloring. Like J, E also has an older brother.
    When I saw and read your blog, I was just devastated by the choices you had to make as parents and the emotional rollercoaster you are stuck on. And I know being a physician sometimes make it even harder to accept that despite being in the know, there is nothing to be done.
    I just wanted to tell you that J has reminded us all to treasure those small moments in life no matter how busy and to take time to do silly things. From reading you blog, I feel like I love J like I love my E. We will all pray that the remainder of her time, however long, be spent on her terms and with joy.


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