How J Fights

For the last week, Julianna’s voice has been a tiny, high-pitched thing. She’s not sick, so it’s probably just the CMT doing its thing — again.

The other day, I told her that she sounds like a newborn kitten. Her eyes lit up with delight when she heard this, and it’s an accurate comparison. She communicates volumes in her little squeaks. She is a cute, curious and articulate little kitten.


Dec 2015 — Julianna and kitten George.


The kitten voice hasn’t changed anything. She still has high standards and challenges me to be my best.


J: Mom, you’re a queen.

M: I am?

J: You should were a tiara.

M: Oh, well… maybe I’m off duty.

J: avoids eye contact — You’re off duty most of the time.

M: Julianna! Well, I don’t really know how to be a queen. How do I do it?

J: sighs. It’s complicated.


Dec 2015, Capturing Grace Photography. Flora, Fauna and Merriweather.


She continues to combines imagination with — a little mockery?

I knock over one of her lamps. There’s always too much stuff in her room!

M: Argh!!!

J: What’s that? An avalanche?

She’s also kind of a superhero. (The superhero world is a new discovery, but I think it’s always been part of her persona.) Recently, she told me how she would deal with ridiculous comments.


J: For important things that are bad, I’ll kick them, and say “Uh-huh.” Sarcastically. For things that aren’t important, I don’t say anything because they can think what they want.

Examples of “important things that are bad”

  • people who says that J is not important
  • people who don’t understand that a mermaid’s tail needs to stay wet

And the stuff that’s not important? “People who say I’m not pretty.”

(Sarcasm for the important things, silence for things that don’t deserve a response: perfection.)

“I miss my old voice,” she said. “But I like this one too.”

This is how our little girl with her little voice fights, with imagination and spirit. Against these things, CMT has done nothing.

Happy Easter!






2014 (not sure what happened in 2013…)





We have hope because the battle has already been won.

25 thoughts on “How J Fights

  1. Love that pink superhero tee Julianna! & yes – sarcasm for important things, silence for non-important ones .. is a very good strategy 😉

    But also – if being a queen is complicated .. writing a letter to a 5-year-old author is complicated (when you’re twenty-five – gosh I am so old, that’s five times yr age) too 😦 I’ll be sending it in the mail tomorrow, & I hope I did a proper job out of it!!

    (Mommy Mish: well .. it’s kind of like … Julianna likes pink, ponies, princesses & mermaids .. & I can’t keep a pony, nor do I have much knowledge about pink, princesses or mermaids .. ish. Haha you’ll see. More seriously though, I intended to write this as something Julianna would hopefully be able to read independently & it was a little bit of a struggle writing with an age-appropriate tone without sounding patronizing .. – see J, that’s complicated too! :()

    Have fun reading it together (if you’d both like), though 🙂

    Blessed Easter everyone! – that tomb is still empty & Jesus still lives ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Happy Easter! Also, maybe consider tweeting that Supergirl pic to @MelissaBenoist, the actress who plays her on the CBS TV show. I bet she’d take exceptional inspiration from knowing J’s a fan.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Dearest Michelle,
    Never stop writing. How blessed we are to have been given the gift of the internet…eh? Otherwise I would have missed having Miss Julianna in my life!

    Can I send her pics? If not, I will understand.

    Debbielo from Sacto!


  4. Happy Easter to the most inspiring, courageous family! Always praying for all of you. You’re in our thoughts and in our hearts.

    Kristina and Family ❤️


  5. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again…I love your kid! She is wise beyond her years and has a lot to teach the world. And she does it all with an amazing sense of humor. God bless her and you.


  6. A little passed Easter but Julianna and family were all on my mind anyway! I had a bit of a tough Easter but visiting here, with you and Julianna, and then learning a few wonderful life tips, always helps me put things into perspective! I think if we all realized what the really important things are and are not and certainly if we take Julianna’s advice on just how to deal with either…our lives would be so much more rewarding and we’d be able to simply find ways to enjoy the best things in life better while letting the unimportant junk fall by the wayside; just leaving it where it should be! Julianna and Michelle, when I have a day that makes me forget where I left my joy, I know I can come here and find it again! Here it shines like a warm beacon even in the most turbulent of seas and most difficult storms because of a little girl with a kitten voice, the heart of a mermaid, the soul of a princess and the strength of a super hero!
    As always, love, prayers and blessings to you all and thank you so much!!! Happy late Easter!!! (place big hug for each of you here_____________! Think of it as being in a condensed, but potent form!)


    • “a little girl with a kitten voice, the heart of a mermaid, the soul of a princess and the strength of a super hero!”

      I like that! I think that encapsulates J’s mermaid-princess-ness very very well! 😀

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  7. I received Julianna’s book yesterday,read to my 3 years old daughter this morning, she likes it, we repeated 2x per her request. Thank you for sharing your adventures, Julianna.


  8. Hello Princess J!

    I am SO EXCITED to tell you I received your book today. I LOVE IT!!! I must have missed it but I didn’t know you had a kitty!!! I love kitties!!!

    Your book is wonderful. Your adventures are quite something. Tonight when I go to sleep, I am going create an adventure for myself! I am so impressed with the 3 second bike ride to Harper’s Playground that I’m going to use that in MY adventure. Don’t know where I’m going yet but your stories have really inspired to THINK BIG and NO LIMITS!! And I am definitely taking along my two kitties, Lily and Poppet. They live inside my house because we have coyotes close by so I’m sure they would LOVE to come along!!

    I love reading about you Princess J. I cannot see a tiara or a feather boa scarf without thinking of you. Thank you (and your mom!) for sharing your life and stories!!! Looking forward to your next post!!

    Janice King (sorry J…I’m a king not a princess!…but I try hard!)


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