Home…and Hope

As I write this, Julianna and I are in an ambulance. Traffic is bumper to bumper and everyone is exhausted. We need showers and we need food.

None of this matters: we are on our way home.

The girl who is never tired is asleep. She had a rough night but held her own during the day. She is clutching a new friend – a stuffed puppy named Hope.


J and Hope Elizabeth. J added the middle name, but says “We call her Hope for short…” 


Hope is  DCH ‘s (Doernbecher Children’s Hospital) “Chief Canine Officer” , and a new addition since we were there last. I can think of no better name for a children’s hospital facility dog. We all need hope, even when things are uncertain and the obstacles are big. Especially then.

We have some things to work out. The G-J is in place (GOAL!) but we have to get her through this latest aspiration pneumonia. Her stomach seems unsettled, and I worry that she’ll aspirate again. The ends aren’t neatly trimmed, but we think we can manage. She’ll be so much more comfortable at home.

Tonight we take our princess back to her princess room. We’ll watch her like a hawk and hope. Always  — hope.

To the DCH nurses, doctors, X-ray techs, respiratory therapists, medical aides, Child Life and social services and everyone else who helped us – THANK YOU. You do amazing and difficult work. We are grateful. J says that you can all be in “the club.”  



24 thoughts on “Home…and Hope

  1. SO happy to hear that things went well and you’re all on the way home (and with a new member of the family)! Thanks for the update Michelle. You’re always in our prayers. (((HUGS)))) ❤️

    The Sternthal Family


  2. Praise that things have gone okay prayers for quick healing especially from the aspiration. Prayers for a good nights rest. God’s got this!!!


  3. I just working a concert and got your message. So happy to hear all is well
    and will even when you complete the
    ride from the hospital. The Warrior Princess is truly that!! : )
    May 13, 2016


  4. So pleased that you are now safely home Princess. Well done, lots of hugs and hope you are feeling much better …you are so very brave! XxX


  5. Thank you thank you for the good news…..she and all of u r still in my prayers…….sleep well little princess….we r having Elsa come to Addison’s birthday party on sat (she an Elsa helper….our grandchild now 16 that will dress up like her) ……and paint fingernails, makeup etc for the 6 year old and other ages…..our son, Adam is graduating with is masters tomorrow and we r all excited and celebrating that a few hrs after Addison’s party……stayed up tonight to finish his scrapbook up to grade 12….I’m a little slow..hehe…..he’s into his 30s now with two children . Love to u all and may God continue to bless our sweet prince ss!😊


  6. Awww. Must be such an honour to be invited to join the club, & not have to request for it, woo! Every hospital needs at least 1 Chief Canine Officer, just like yours!

    I don’t know per se what the name Elizabeth means, but it sounds princessy enough for a princess’ new companion dog 🙂

    Back to your princessy kingdom now – welcome home Julianna!

    To the rest of the family – remember to take good care of yourselves too, that you may also be able to take care of J!

    Especially to Alex, whom I often forget (sorry! siblings of medically fragile children are so precious but often forgotten ..) – the warrior princess is back, YAY! I hope you weren’t scared too badly by this incident .. but she’s home now! Meanwhile, keep being the sensible, strong (if only slightly annoying, as all siblings are :p) & sweet brother. If J wants to talk to/annoy (haha) you a bit more today, that’s only cos she misses you after having spent time apart ❤

    Keep going, Snow family! I follow your story regularly & think of you quite often. Much love xxx


  7. Thank God! The stress must be unbearable at times. Feeling exhausted, Hungry and needing a shower all at once is no picnic as well. Know that I care, am praying and appreciate the updates.


  8. Thank you so much for the update. So glad the little princess is doing okay and going home. My prayers go to all of you.


  9. Praise the Lord! So happy to hear that your home. I love the part about the club, she always puts a smile on my face. Hope you can get some well needed rest! Once again thank you for keeping us up on everything it is so appreciated.


  10. Home with Hope… 🏥 🚑 🏡 💓🐕 👰 👏

    Looks like there was a wonderful welcome home poster and brother awaiting our Princess.

    I also note with approval the pink bandaging, but.. that green blood pressure cuff?..Pretty utilitarian,I must say.

    Incredibly relieved here and, like Julianna, holding onto Hope.


  11. Heading Home with Hope! May all of you get some rest. Alex must be soooo happy. Tough for the adults but tougher for the brother. Bless you all!


  12. So glad to hear she is home safe and back to her princess room! I hope you can get some rest now, my thoughts are with your family and Julianna!


  13. Have been asking prayers for you all through a local Christian radio station here on a couple programs based on keeping folks focused on the positive during the most miserable of times. One of my favorites is a program called, “Keep the Faith”. Folks can call in to encourage others through tough times and to remind us all that miracles still happen, and even the small miracles matter, oddly sometimes more than the big ones! To borrow the title of the second radio show, I don’t have to tell you to keep the faith because your lives are all about it! By knowing that faith is part of what brings us directly in to the arms and keeps us in the very presence of God and sharing that with us, reminds us to keep our faith too. That your little miracle needed a little rest makes a sweet photo, especially with Hope wrapped in her arms!
    As always, praying for and loving you all from across the waves, the ripples and the miles!


  14. Thank you for the update.. Home is where the heart is… And now Hope is where the heart is too. Thank you Lord for our beautiful Blessing in Juilanna. Thank you for giving her family strength. Always thinking and praying for all of you. Hugs!


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