The Next Thing…

One of the things that keeps me going these days is thinking about Julianna’s legacy.

It’s a bit daunting, because her legacy needs to reflect who she was: bright, lovely and startling. Ridiculously funny. A force. Powerful, pure love.

I have ideas, and many of them are grand. They require resources that seem out of reach. Money and logistics aren’t my thing, and you need both to start a movement.

If I have learned anything, though, it is this: if you allow it, God will exceed — everything. Your expectations, pipe dreams, the fantastic stuff of your imagination, the ache deep within — all of it. It won’t be as you planned, and it feels uncomfortable sometimes, but it will be amazing in the true sense of the word.

So we start with Julianna’s words: Love is a superpower. 

And we’ve made a t-shirt:

Monster Press Mock Up

This is a pre-order. IT IS ONLY AVAILABLE UNTIL 8/12/16, so BUY IT NOW!!! It will ship on 8/26/16.

A large part of Julianna’s legacy will involve, of course, fighting CMT. All proceeds from this t-shirt will go to CMTA.

And there’s a Facebook page: Love is a Superpower. 

Right now, the FB page is like her legacy: a work in progress. Please join and help us shape J’s legacy.

P.S. About the t-shirts. To answer your anticipated questions,

 Why are they gray??

There is precedent for this. This was one of J’s favorite dresses:

She asked for it often, saying: “If you want casual, you have casual. If you want fancy, you have fancy!”

So, in order to have wide appeal, the shirt is mostly casual and just a bit fancy. Hopefully there will be more shirts to come, and there will be variable ratios of casual:fancy.

I don’t live in the US. Can I still buy the shirt? 

The shirt will also be available in: Canada, Netherlands, Australia, Singapore, India, U.K., Germany, Malaysia, Philippines, Belgium, Spain, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, Switzerland, France

(The blog gets the highest number of page views from these countries. If you want a t-shirt and live somewhere else, let me know. We’ll try something.)




12 thoughts on “The Next Thing…

  1. Sweet – I love dark grey, just not black (yes. There is a difference. I own shirts in both colours from youth camp/s, there is a Difference on how a dark grey vs black shirt feels. Hahahah)

    Also, didn’t know Singapore gets a lot of hits on the page .. I thought it was just me stalking periodically enough lol (ie when I haven’t checked it out in awhile, and/or instagram caption says there’s a post, etc.) Lol hallo fellow S’poreans (if it happens that there’s more besides me) .. say hello, leh 😀


  2. Thank you for thinking of the t- shirt (or tea shirt!). What a great way to lift up Julianna’s legacy of love and give to the fight against CMT.


  3. Wonderful ideas, t-shirt design is awesome. Picture is adorable but most important is “if you allow it, God will exceed — everything” it will be my motto for this week. Thank you.


  4. Pre-ordered for my family. I remember Juilanna each day. We are here to support you and keep Julianna’s legacy going always. Love is a Superpower!!


  5. I can’t wait to see this shirt on our whole family! Pre-ordered! Especially for my dad, we’re currently fighting cronic disease and these shirts are perfect! Love is a Superpower!!!! We Love You Snow Family!!

    Barragan Family- Mesa AZ


  6. The sky was pink in Seattle area yesterday, made me think of Julianna and Smile, means she is sending pink, positive, vibes/smiles to all of us that have her in our hearts 😉 … I said to myself in my head… love is a superpower


  7. I love the heart/snowflake icon on the shirt. That’s an awesome bit of artwork and the perfect symbol for the campaign and J’s legacy.


  8. Dear Michelle,

    I consider myself and my family a friend of you and your family. I admired the wisdom, character, kindness and strength of your daughter Julianna since the first time CNN ran her story.

    I work at The Nairobi Hospital in Nairobi City, Kenya.

    I would like to pre-order the t-shirt kindly. I know my country is not in the active zones you have listed; but kindly consider my request. I want to order 4 in XXL, XL, L and Baby Small for my 19 month old son.

    I thank you and appreciate you and your family.

    “Love is a superpower”



    Ps. Below is an email I sent you on June 15, 2016
    My name is Bernard Omondi, from Nairobi, Kenya.
    I first heard about Julianna from a feature story on CNN website. Her story touched my heart so much. I signed up to read your blog posts.
    You are right. The world knows your amazing daughter.
    I am humbled and honored to have known the beautiful, intelligent and amazing soul that is Julianna.
    Today I celebrate her life.
    Today I honor her memory.
    Today, I thank God for you and for your family – Julianna, Alex, Michelle, Steve, Homie, Grandma and Grandpa and George. Please forgive me if I left anyone out.
    Today, Julianna is sitting with God and wearing her crown and free from CMT.
    Today, Julianna keeps her promise to you that heaven is as beautiful as she described it and that she is looking down on all of you (all of us) and smiling. Today, she is telling God about her wonderful mom, brother, father, grandparents and all of her friends.
    Thank you, Michelle for sharing your family with me. Thank you for the gift of knowing Julianna.
    Julianna Yuri Snow (25 August 2010 – 14 June 2016)
    God bless you, God comfort you,
    Bernard Omondi
    Nairobi, Kenya


  9. I absolutely LOVE these shirts! I ordered a tank for myself and t-shirt for my mom because we both love Julianna. When I first read your family’s story on CNN, I was in a time of enormous self-pity. And then this gorgeous sparkly princess came along and I was immediately humbled and in awe. Julianna is my hero. Thank you for sharing her story with the world.


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