Happy 6th Birthday, Julianna

Happy birthday, sweet Julianna!

I wonder what you are doing today? I wonder what you aren’t doing today?? Maybe that’s a better question, because I think that you are probably very busy doing all the things that you could only imagine here.


Alex thinks that you’ve taken up taekwondo, and that you’re already at the highest level. No black belt for you, of course: you have a pink belt with a sparkly purple stripe 🙂


Alex just got his blue belt – we know you’d be proud. He has imagined all kinds of special moves that you do now…



Daddy thinks that you are flying.


Do you remember this? You didn’t want to do it until Daddy said you could add the bows. We think it’s an awesome picture…


I’m not sure what you are doing today but I know that you are happy, even happier than you were when you were here. Your joy was beautiful, and it was contagious. I can only imagine what it’s like now.


I’m glad that you can swing again, baby girl. You loved it so much…


You wanted me to not be sad, and to remember you always.

I’m sad sometimes, but I think you understand. You’re not bound to this place, with its obstacles and emptiness. You know that things here are fleeting. I know it now too, and am better about putting things in their proper place.

(I read and watch a lot less news now, you’ll be glad to know. You were SO right — how did I have the patience for it before??)

Thank you for all the Julianna sunsets, and for all the people who let me remember you. Many of them never got the chance to meet you, but they have taken the time to know you…which means that they love you. It helps to heal my heart, knowing that you are loved and remembered.

With everything in me, I love you. I’m so glad that we said this to each other, dozens of times, every single day. Thank you for showing me how to live without regret.

I am so blessed to be your mom.

Happy birthday, my darling girl.

Kiss kiss, and big group hug.


I miss kissing your forehead, little one…


Go play now!





We’ve been going on some adventures too – and taking you with us. In our hearts, our thoughts, and in many other ways. Do you remember this pony? Her mane and tail are still braided, just as you left it…

38 thoughts on “Happy 6th Birthday, Julianna

  1. Happy Birthday Beautiful baby girl! I too will sit here today and imagine all the things you are doing….You are missed by people who hadn’t even met you, loved by more than just family and friends. We will continue this journey with your family, to help them through and remember you!!!! Love from Kansas!


  2. Sweet.

    I love this post – I giggled a little at Alex’s interpretation of Julianna-taekwondo – because it’s such a perfect merger of things he loves (taekwondo) & her personality, things she loved. YES I second the pink-belt-purple-stripe bit, black belts are wayyyy too mainstream for princess J. 😎

    kiss, kiss, kiss Julianna! We (those who love you on the blog) think of you often, especially since your family brings you on their adventures too, now captured in Unicorn teehee. I know I do!

    Build a stable for the parrots & eat some cake! I wonder if Heaven has angel food cake .. (ha geddit, haaa – ok don’t roll your eyes at me for this)

    Love you! ❤


  3. Happy Birthday Sunshine! Will be celebrating you this evening with a barn fire, pictures, and hotdogs…..something pink…..and a cup of tea!!!


  4. Happy Birthday little Princess!
    I woke up this morning thinking about your Birthday! We did not meet in this world but feel as though we knew each other. Loved you from the moment I saw the article in the Peoples Magazine. You share my sisters name but you also shared her with, spirit, and superpowers💟…..I am celebrating you today with everyone I meet and everything I do……you will never be forgotten. Love the Snow Family in Michigan….Arizona


  5. Happy Birthday Sweetheart! May you dance all day! Run in the meadows.. Play in your playground. We miss you… And love you with all our hearts!


  6. Happy birthday sweet little angel. 💝Thank you for the gift of your love and beautiful smile that you shared with us, you will always be in our hearts. Hope you are having the most awesome birthday party flying high through the clouds 🌤 visiting all the places that you dreamed of. Love to your mommy daddy and brother on your special day little princess 💓


  7. I think WINGS are involved…

    Certainly Julianna has them and her unicorn and horse are winged.. yet I believe that most often she is running, skipping, jumping and dancing, because she always could in her imagination and now imagination has become reality.

    Happy Birthday, sweet super star!!💞


  8. Happy birthday Julianna!!
    Hope ur day up in heaven is amazing! Think about u everyday and will always remember what u have taught me! How to love unconditionally and be kind to everyone and always look for the positive in everything!! Thank u so much J, ur a sweetheart and i know ur having so much fun up there! Happy birthday J love ya!!


  9. I never thot just words had so much power until i met u michelle….im not a blog person but i was waiting to hear from you on this big day…!!!!
    U are a very brave mom…you might not know us but J is always on my mind and has touched our hearts forever….we all love u!!!

    We wish a very happy birthday to The Princess!!!!


  10. Happy Birthday Julianna! This birthday has no pain. This birthday is one where J is truly free. Anniversary dates and holidays may be sad for you 3, never feel unloved though. J loves you madly, she loves all of you every siingle day. Julianna knows more than any living person could possibly know. We will all know what is om the other side one day, too. Julianna wants YOU three to be free too!!!! Liberate your minds…J loves you 3 SO much… and love is a superpower that makes J smile. Just because you can’t see someone it doesn’t mean that they are not there!!!!!


  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUPER HERO PRINCESS JULIANNA! I am amazed by how one child touched so many hearts and change the world. You are my super princess. Thanks you for the gift of love💕


  12. Happy Birthday on earth, Happy Everyday in heaven, Julianna! You continue to be a blessing to me and for so many of us who never met you yet always feel you special spirit! Happy Birthday also to the family who brought you into life, nurtured you, shared you with us, and sent you on your way to limitless life in the beyond. Great gratitude for all your gifts. They never grow old! Much Love and Limitless Superpowers to you, dear Julianna!


  13. Happy Birthday beautiful, sweet, loving precious angel that you are! You have touched the hearts of many of us. Your love, your beauty and your kindness was so great. You will certainly never be forgotten. I only knew you from your moms blogs and pictures but you have captured my heart like no one else.

    Watching your videos of you smiling, singing and just goofing around warms my heart. I wish I could of met you, you would of enjoyed my daughter Ava. She’s very witty and has a lot of love to give like you did.

    It brings me peace to know you are free now #stupidcmt -please run, fly and dance and swing in the park ( your mom said you really enjoyed that). When I am sad or down I think of you and you brighten my day.❤️❤️

    Thank you Julianna for bringing this light and joy into my world. Happy Birthday!!!!

    Hugs and kisses 😘😘😘😘💞💞💕❤️


  14. Happy Birthday to our Angel Julianna !!!! ❤ !!!! I am doing nice things today just for my little friend that I feel like I know so well !!!! 🙂 you always make me smile and you are forever in my heart ! GROUP HUG !!!!!!!! 😉 !!!


  15. Happy BIrthday, Julianna! Though I never met her, I feel so blessed to know her through you, Michelle, and to celebrate her today, especially, as I do everyday, thinking about and doing more “truly living” and making moments because of her and each of you. Your posts are one of the things I most look forward to as they remind me of what it is to live soul-fully and gratefully each day – even in the midst of unspeakable heartache- and to celebrate all of this as the measure of love. Thank you, Michelle for continuing to share this journey with Julianna..Thank you and God bless you and Steve and Alex.


  16. Happy Birthday Julianna we Love You!!! In the arms of Jesus, dancing and living free 💟 After a long night in the ER with my frail father, I remembered the strength and super power love of Julianna. Your family inspires me and so many with your powerful life story, truly you touch lives. God bless you, and continue to give you peace and joy through the tough times.


  17. Happy Birthday Princess J,
    I know you are just as amazing and inspiring in heaven as you were here on earth!
    We are all very proud of you and remember you always.
    P.S. Alex congratulations on your success in the martial arts!


  18. Happy Birthday, Julianna! Our family’s having pizza and ice cream at a pool party tonight before our kids go back to school next week, but we’ll certainly celebrate your occasion, as well. Best wishes to the Snow family and heaven’s newest, most inspiring, angel. Love is still a superpower and J’s spirit inspires all of us around the world.

    from North Carolina


  19. Happy birthday, Julianna! My daughter’s birthday was yesterday and her favorite color is pink…and she loves everything sparkly…and as I thought of her yesterday it also made me think of you and how you love pink and sparkles and all things pretty and beautiful and fun. I like to think that you celebrated your birthday the same way she celebrated hers — with cupcakes and hugs and kisses and laughter and fun and a beautiful sunrise and time spent with someone she loves with all her heart. And that makes me smile. And I like to think that you sent down a few extra sunbeams for your Mom and Dad and brother today to let them know how much you love them. I continue to be inspired by you and will never forget you.


  20. I am so grateful for the blessing that was and always will be your Julianna. I am so sorry, for you, as a Mom, that she moved on so soon. I don’t want to think of the pain you must feel and you continue to inspire me to be the strongest Mom, wife and friend I can be in the face of such loss and adversity. Thank you for sharing this sweet song of a soul with us. Despite never meeting her, she has changed my heart for the better, forever.


  21. Love and more love today and always. Thinking about your beautiful family on this special day and remembering all the love, magic, awe and wonder Julianna brought into this world. Julianna and her legacy of love continues to be an inspiration to us. Love is a superpower and J inspires us to be our best selves and share that love and sparkle with everyone.
    Big love and prayers,


  22. Dear Mama Snow, your posts continue to inspire and move me. Like you said, many of us never had the gift of meeting Julianna but have her delightful spirit imprinted in our hearts. She continues to live in the Spirit, dancing with angels, in the arms of the Lord.


  23. On Julianna’s birthday, that very special day. I took the whole day off. I rested from all the cares in my week. I purposed for this to be a very special day to remember. A day I wanted to remember and honor. I started off by going back and rereading all of Michelle’s blogs from the beginning to the end. As tears freely flowed from my eyes looking at and remembering all the good times this “Little Princess” had in her life! I just took the day off and rested, I sat in the middle of my bed with my laptop and watched all the video’s and re-read all the blogs over again. This took from the morning, up until early evening. There was so much peace in my room (no cares-just peace), somewhere along the line I fell asleep reading; and when I woke up, I continued to read until I read every last one of the blogs over again.

    It was truly a humbling experience to see (or more like behold), “WHAT A LIFE SHE LIVED”! How she truly was LOVED!

    I did two very special things in honor of her memory. I got my nails manicured and polished “Julianna Style” with Gold polish, hand painted bows and pink sparkle- “The Works-spared no expense”! And commissioned an artist to paint a picture for me. One of my absolute favorite pictures of Julianna-the one with Michelle, Julianna and Christine at Christmas time in the clubhouse; except I requested she paint the picture (without the bipap on Julianna’s face) so I could clearly see Julianna’s full beautiful face. What an unusual and surreal (not ordinary) beautiful day, Julianna’s birthday was for me. I truly got blessed! I am so thankful to have been able to journey with Julianna and her family through all those beautiful memories and times in her life! Happy Heavenday Princess Julianna! You are truly MISSED!
    Sending lots of love to the Snow Family from Sunny Southern California,
    Yours truly,
    Lorna Redd

    **PS- Michelle, I sent you an email today. I hope you got it.


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