Stand. to End CMT


J: Does CMT affect my heart?

M: No. Your heart is perfect. 

J: Hooray! Thumbs up for my heart!!!



I miss that heart, so very much.

If there is anything good that come out of grief and anger, it is action — and a renewed sense of urgency. CMTA shares this with me, and they launched a new campaign today: Stand and Give 5.



Age 2. With the help of physical therapy, orthotics, Daddy and pink socks — she stood.



Stand: because, though CMT robbed Julianna of the ability to stand physically, she never stopped standing — to fight CMT.

5: because she graced us with five magical years.

Please visit Julianna’s Stand and Give 5 page here:

If able, please give whatever you can. Increments of 5 are great – $5, $50, $500 — whatever you can. Then tag 5 people and ask them to do the same. And if you are a social mediate, post a picture that says why you stand.



#EndCMT, #StandandGiveMe5



You have been so generous, and I still hate asking for money. But this disease needs a breakthrough. Please take a stand — for Julianna.

2 thoughts on “Stand. to End CMT

  1. I also stand with you in honor of Julianna. I love the picture of her with pink socks standing with her Daddy. 💗💞💕

    You are lucky to have 5 precious years with such a beautiful princess…..
    “Love is a super power” I now know this from julianna. She opened my eyes to a wonderful new world and her light is so bright!

    Thank you hugs and kisses 💞💗💕💜


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