Cookies, AwkUni Style

This week, we received a gift from a self-described “member of Julianna’s Awkward Unicorn Club”: cookies.

Julianna-inspired cookies, to be exact.


They were addressed to Alex, and he was also a cookie-muse. (He just got his blue belt in real life. I have stopped believing in coincidences.)




This is Julianna, fighting stupid CMT. She is just as Alex imagined her a few months ago, and has achieved the highest belt in the world according to Julianna (pink, with a purple sparkly stripe. Her toenails are even painted…)



Much to Alex’s delight, there was another breed of Awkward Unicorn. These poop rainbow colored poop (candy decorations).  He just had to remove their marshmallow “butt plugs” and give them a shake. (Simultaneously gross and cute. Julianna would have loved it too.)



The one with Julianna in her hanbok is my favorite.



In her attached note, the master cookier (I don’t think it’s a word, but it should be) wrote:

I was admiring the angel cookies, had them all lined up and was wondering if she would be pleased…



…and the room and outside in an instant turned bright blush pink. The sun was setting and it should have been getting darker, but for a minute, it became very bright, and very pink.




In a world in which a mother is required to witness her child’s first and last breath, nothing makes sense. I didn’t expect this aspect of grief, grappling with the meaninglessness of it all.

At the same time, meaning can come from unexpected sources. Cookies, when they look exactly like ones that your daughter would send and are crafted by someone you’ve never met, make it just a little better.

I’m pretty sure she was pleased.




17 thoughts on “Cookies, AwkUni Style

  1. Me too! Cookier is a word. It will be a word. Because .. doesn’t the dictionary accept the legitimacy of words based on nomination and votes? If you count it, I will second it – done 😌

    But really, all those cookies are so so so intricate (& really cute!), my fave has to be the shirt cookie – it is the exact same shade and font even, and is exactly how the shirt would have been, cookie-fied. So intricate & exact, must have required very much Master Cookier skillz.

    Pooping unicorn cookies have been a thing for awhile now (see Facebook, they’re often posted in those cutesy DIY cookie pages things) but this is the first time I’ve actually seen someone make/gift (& then on your part, receive) them!! Too cute.

    Who is this person!! Very much a Master Cookier indeed & I was just wondering a little if this person had a website/instagram that had more pics/eyecandy proof of their Master Cookier skillz.



      • Aw okay. I suppose while my curiosity will forever me piqued(!), .. maybe such beauty should be best left with a tiny element of surprise. 🙂–WI this is the video that I’ve seen abt making uni-poop cookies! It’s a couple of yrs old according to the Youtube upload date. But there we go, now you can make uni-poop cookies on your own too if you so desire. Teehee.

        hugs x


  2. How exquisite and precious! If God can speak His truth through a child, I have no doubt that He can send hugs and kisses through cookies and sunsets. Thank you for sharing these amazing moments!


  3. Wow! What a wonderful gift! The cookies are awesome! So creative, love the one of Julianna wearing the Hanbok……such a special gift! The details are amazing! Pink toenails…..superpower t shirt….I am in awww of these cookies!


  4. An EXCEPTIONAL gift, in so many ways! I’m sure Julianna is smiling, just as I am, through my tears. God bless the master cookier for her gift (that became our gift with your sharing) to everyone that fell in love with your daughter.


  5. Wow lovely cookies, that’s so awesome how they have Alex in his Karate outfit. You must fill with joy knowing Julianna is loved all over the world.

    I definitely think she approves. The sun setting picture is beautiful! Never seen anything like it. Exceptional!!!!!

    💗💕💕💓💞♥️ hugs and kisses to you Julianna


  6. I love reading your Blog. I love your heart, Michelle. I love your honest and genuine perspective on things. We knew Julianna from your prospective, this is how we got to know and love her. Thank you and your Family for some of the best and most cherished memories in my life. I had the best Thanksgiving and Christmas last year (of my entire life) because of your Family, and being able to ‘Share In” the wonderful celebrations that you had with your family. Even though I wasn’t there I celebrated right alongside your Family. The inspiration from what I saw shaped my Holiday Season with my own family.

    You can LITERALLY feel the love and compassion in the comments of the people following your Blog. I love reading the comments. I thank God, for putting you and your family into our lives. There’s so much your Family has given us, always praying that there is something that we (followers of your blog) do for you too.

    May God Bless you anonymous fabulous “Master Cookier” for touching hearts, you have perfect timing!


  7. P.S. Julianna you will never be forgotten, “your inspiration” will forever be with me! I’m thinking right now of just “How Pink and Sparkly” I can plan my Thanksgiving Meal and Menu this year…. (Pink Plates, Pink Dinnerware and Pink Glasses, and lots and lots of Pink and Silver Balloons!)


  8. Hey. Had 5 months off, as off time explained ealier. Back now, different place though. Sorry I made you mad…as I assume you are when you didn’t post some comments months ago. Thinking of your family, take care of you even when that seems hard to do. You will have to evolve through breakthrough as they will come with a bit more healing with each one. Been there, did that. Will be reading your posts of course. Take care, anonymous.


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