Merry Christmas, Newborn King

Christmas is for the brokenhearted too. Maybe even more so for those of us who hurt.

It’s hope, residing in dark and uncomfortable places and the promise that our pain is temporary. It’s turning away from fear in order to choose Light and Love (even if we are still afraid.)

Christmas is for the children — and everyone who needs a Father.

Happy birthday, Jesus. Merry Christmas, world!


Julianna: “Hark the Herald…” from Michelle Moon on Vimeo.


Hark the Herald by Julianna Yuri Snow, age 3.

– Her favorite version was Carrie Underwood’s. You can hear the influence in the way she lingers over the last few notes “New….born….King….”

– “God and sinner” becomes “golden singer”…because you could never have enough sparkle. Β (Sometimes, she sang “Joyful all the Asians rise” instead of “nations rise”.)

Merry Christmas, my sweet Julianna.


29 thoughts on “Merry Christmas, Newborn King

  1. Merry Christmas Julianna! We miss you and love you. I will carry your version of Hark the Herald Angels Sing in my heart always. Merry Christmas Snow Family, sending you much love and hugs.


  2. Merry Christmas! Julianna will always be here. Loved her singing….she had such a wonderful wit about her! The ornament is just perfect!


  3. Thank you as always for sharing your life with your extended family. The clip of Julianna singing Hark the Herald Angels Sing has now become part of my future Christmas traditions. She shall sing this toe each Christmas. (And throughout the year.) Our prayers are with you and your family for a blessed and Christ centered Christmas.
    With much love from Spokane, Gordon


  4. As a fellow Asian, I approve of “joyful all the Asians rise ..”!

    &&& I think just *maybe* heaven might have singers decked in gold (maybe she’s a golden singer now, harp and all ;-)), so maybe golden singers being reconciled back to God isn’t bad either πŸ˜‰

    Julianna might be glad to know that in church, we sang this song during Christmas services this weekend. ❀ I'm sure she would approve!

    "Mild He lays his glory by,
    Born that man no more may die;
    Born to raise the sons of earth;
    Born to give them second birth."

    Hugs to Steve, you & Alex – blessed Christmas, Snow family! xx (& blessed Christmas, dearest Julianna xx)

    Bonus: I gifted my pastor's daughter a new water bottle with unicorn decal print, … & in a different context altogether, my Mok gifted ME a unicorn shirt. Ahem – five year old Julianna, nine year old Sophie (pastor's kid), … twentyfive year old ME. Hahahaha I couldn't stop laughing, it was too funny (cos I'm 25. Ha.) – but I'm kind of almost very certainly sure that Julianna would approve that there was both the giving & receiving of unicorn gifts ❀


  5. Merry Christmas, and yes, Christmas is absolutely for those of us in the dark at times. Our pastor preached on that very thing yesterday. John writes that the light has come and darkness will not overcome it.


  6. A pain free Christmas, one where J is free. That is something to be thankful for. Maybe not “merry” in the traditional sense. But there is, at least, a sense of peace.


  7. Thank you for writing and sharing your heartbreak and grief. There was a ‘longest night’ Christmas service in our small town and it was affirming that Christmas is a time when those experiencing loss need hope and healing the most. May the candles burn brightly for Julianna and your beautiful family. So much love in the face of such an enormous loss. May family and friends reach out, hold you together and lift you to the light.


  8. I check into your blog because Julianna is so loved and so missed. She will always be remembered; I keep your precious family in my thoughts and prayers this Christmas season as sweet Julianna is singing in heaven.


  9. Was driving in Kansas this new years morning and the sky was pink all over. Was on 35, by Ottawa university exit. Thinking of your family, and feeling a very strong image of J looking down with a confident amusing knowing smile…looking at you and knowing that you will be at peace.


  10. I never seen a sky so pink …haven’t been to Kansas in years….but a new job includes travel all over the USA. Anyway…it was a new years morning that I will never forget.
    For the rest of my life I will make a small dent to help fight cmt like www gym . dog — even promoting awareness of less severe cases will help …. and I am aware of severe cases and will try to comfort the families.
    Lastly, I always feel bitter during holidays because of loss…and a flat out refusal to accept the notion that any supreme being could inflict such pain. I believe that it is okay to refuse total acceptance of a lost loved one, just finding some sort of peace with the loss is good enough. Being strictly scientific minded, it was amazing to see the pink sky above as the sun peaked through the horizon. Anyway, sorry for spelling or grammar errors as I wrote this on smartphone…while driving. Not smart to do I know ….but I just wanted your family to know about the amazing pink sky over Kansas on this lonely new year that lost loved ones are not there to share….or maybe they are ☺ Hugs to you and your family. Peace…in one form or another comes after all trauma. Keep going. πŸ₯🌻🌺🌷🌷🌱⚘


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