“Zip Your Lips!!”

Note: I wrote this last winter but didn’t post it because the subject matter (unboxing videos) is — just strange. But it’s too funny to keep to myself. For everyone who misses Julianna’s rapier wit, happy belated holidays (Featured image by Charles Gullung)


Julianna took her toys very, very seriously.



Julianna has a new obsession: Youtube “unboxing videos.”

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, good! Basically, someone with a soothing voice introduces a new toy, and there is a close up video of a hand (which I assume belongs to the voice but there is no confirmation. It is always well-manicured, which makes me wonder… can manicures be tax write-offs?) taking the toy out of the box and explaining all the features — in great detail. How many princesses will fit in Rapunzel’s carriage? Here’s Rapunzel….Cinderella…Queen Elsa…Three. But only two princesses if you want to close the carriage door. It goes on and on.

J: Mom, come here.

M: OK – what?

J: Can you try to find something like this for my birthday?

M: OK, but your birthday is a while away. I go back to my chair.

J: five seconds later. Mom, come here.

M: Yes?

J: Can I have this for Christmas?


The worst thing about unboxing videos is the soothing voice.


M: Julianna, don’t you think that this voice is weird?

Silence. When there is a new unboxing video on, I am irrelevant. 

M: It’s too soothing. I assume the soothing voice: Now, Queen Elsa is going to wear the yellow dress…looks fantastic. Here’s Princess Anna –

J: Mom, stop.

M: Why?

J: whispers. It’s annoying.


Later on, as I finish Julianna’s medical “chores.”

M: I’m going to talk like the that lady. I assume the soothing voice with its slow, lilting diction: Now I’m going to vent you. I take a 60cc syringe, then I clip your G-tube and attach the syringe. And look! 40cc’s of air…then I detach the big syringe and hook you back up to the Farrel bag….

J: Mom, zip your lips!

M: I pretend to zip my lips up…but continue to mumble in the same slow, soothing, singsongy manner. 

J: Mom, zip up your humming!

I burst out into laughter. 

J: Mom, you ripped your lips!


Even later as we’re reading her bedtime story:

M: Maybe I should do Calvin and Hobbes in the soothing voice.

J: No no no no. This is going too far. Too far.

M: Why?

J: Because Calvin and Hobbes is not the time for jokes.


11 thoughts on ““Zip Your Lips!!”

  1. There is healing in laughter, there is meaning to silence. Thank you for sharing that priceless story. After reading all of your blogs… i really am thankful that J had a great mom like you 🙂


  2. I smile and frown at the same time, for knowing, but not knowing Julianna. As someone who never met her, like many, I miss her old soul…….but there is no denying you miss her more. Blessings and love……..Sonya


  3. HAAA so she acknowledged that there was a certain degree of annoyance/weirdery (is that a word, I will make it a word lol) in those videos – given how she DID recognise that it wasn’t a joke she would accept on Calvin & Hobbes!

    Love how you ‘pranked’ her & persisted throughout by the way, sometimes what kids need is the perspective of how things really are (weird!), when reflected back to them by someone they know best. :p Sneaky Mama .. but I approve. Haha.

    I miss the girl & all the funny things she says, haha. My favourite in the post has to be ‘you ripped your lips’ – HAHAHAHAHA.

    I hope this post means the sadness & grief is beginning to occasionally make a little way for glimpses of sunshine memory moments like these? 🙂 Hugs.


  4. I would have loved to have had a conversation with her … was always interested in how kids thought about something … thanks for still sharing her with us … ♥


  5. So glad that we can share a laugh, amidst our grief. She could have been a stand-up comedian! Oh sweet, precious, funny Julianna, you are missed.


  6. “Because Calvin and Hobbes is not the time for jokes.” This has to be the most ironic, silly, insightful thing I’ve heard from your incredible Princess.


  7. Thank you….that is so funny…I watched one video a little and can understand why she loved them……but I would have thought the same…….hehe……so fun to remember! Michelle….I have a family pic if you would like to see it as a Christmas card….could you send your email. Our Son Adam and his family are moving up to Seattle with in the month:( but I may be in the area and would love to see all of you if I do come. It won’t be for awhile…..and I would stay with them. He will be working for Microsoft. Now we will only have 3 children in the area with their families….I have been so spoiled. Thanks again. I love reading about Julianna. We all have so much to add to each others lives!


  8. Thank you for the smile and laughter! Julianna was wise beyond her years. I think she gets that from her mom.

    You are truly missed Julianna. Thank you again for bringing light into my world and meaning.

    Thank you Michelle for your wonderful Blogs that keeps Julianna’s spirit alive! I truly feel close to her with your blogs and gorgeous pictures!

    Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you and your Family. 💗


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