Home…and Hope

As I write this, Julianna and I are in an ambulance. Traffic is bumper to bumper and everyone is exhausted. We need showers and we need food.

None of this matters: we are on our way home.

The girl who is never tired is asleep. She had a rough night but held her own during the day. She is clutching a new friend – a stuffed puppy named Hope.


J and Hope Elizabeth. J added the middle name, but says “We call her Hope for short…” 


Hope is  DCH ‘s (Doernbecher Children’s Hospital) “Chief Canine Officer” , and a new addition since we were there last. I can think of no better name for a children’s hospital facility dog. We all need hope, even when things are uncertain and the obstacles are big. Especially then.

We have some things to work out. The G-J is in place (GOAL!) but we have to get her through this latest aspiration pneumonia. Her stomach seems unsettled, and I worry that she’ll aspirate again. The ends aren’t neatly trimmed, but we think we can manage. She’ll be so much more comfortable at home.

Tonight we take our princess back to her princess room. We’ll watch her like a hawk and hope. Always  — hope.

To the DCH nurses, doctors, X-ray techs, respiratory therapists, medical aides, Child Life and social services and everyone else who helped us – THANK YOU. You do amazing and difficult work. We are grateful. J says that you can all be in “the club.”