“The Claws are for Bad Guys”

Banner photo by Aubrie LeGault, Capturing Grace photography

Last December, Julianna told Make-A-Wish that she wanted 1) a white kitten named Snowflake and 2) a pink princess room with sparkle. Make-A-Wish came through big on the second wish:


Jan 2015. Make-A-Wish princess room.


Jan 2015. Kitty corner (Steve’s creation)

I was in charge of the first wish. I got the kitten part right: this is George.


Dec 2015. Humane Society meet and greet.

Julianna wanted a cute and cuddly friend. He has turned out to be a good therapy cat.


Dec 2015


Dec 2015

George was just three months old when he came to us, and had a lot to learn.

Dec 2014 – journal entry

First day with George. He jumped on the couch while I was trying to do J’s treatment. I put him down. He jumped right back up. Down again. After the third time, Julianna turns to me.

J: Mom, I think George is stupid. Don’t tell Dad

(She really wouldn’t let me tell him for a while. I think she was afraid that George would be sent back. And she knows we don’t like that word…)

We tried to teach George through positive reinforcement, and asked Julianna to reward him when he was being good.

Jan 2015 – journal entry

George comes into J’s room and is calm:

J: Welcome, George, welcome! I love you. You’re so kind. Thank you. Welcome to my room!

Another time.

J: Welcome to my room, George! You’re so beautiful. I mean, handsome. Thank you. I love you.

As George become more of an established presence in our house, he showed up in Julianna’s imagination and role-playing:

26 Feb 15 – journal entry, conversation with Steve

J: I am a kitty. A brown kitty.

S: You are a cat with brown fur and cute eyes. And soft paws

J: I have claws.

S: You have claws? But you never use them, right?

J: The claws are for bad guys.

S: Oh.

J: The biting is for really bad guys.

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