“Let Me Tell You Something”

Let me tell you something…

Julianna says this at least a dozen times a day. Her “brain is always going”, and she’s not one to keep things to herself.

We tease her for being bossy, but really, we are grateful that she is able to express herself so clearly. She knows exactly what she needs and wants. She tells us how her leg needs to be moved and where her back needs to be scratched. It is our job – and privilege – to make these things happen.

We are much more than the sum of our physical needs, though, and this is perhaps even more true for our J. Often, Let me tell you something is the beginning of a journey into Julianna’s world.

In J’s world, kisses are collected and placed into jars. She sends them out and puts “a little bit of love” in each one. She always blows a few to me as I leave for work and reminds me to keep one in my purse – for later. If I stub my toe as I’m wheeling her around in her cart, she instantly sends out more to take the sting out. Her kisses never run out, and they make everything OK.


June 2015, Capturing Grace Photography


There’s a code. It goes like this.

M: The “code” is the hearts — then what?

J: And then love, joy, happiness, nice words, no bad tricks. Good tricks. No tests. Joy. And words that have – you say “please”. And what else?

M: Tell me what the code is. Where is the code?

J: In here — J points to her chest

M: In your heart?

J; In my chest.

J: Turn that back on – it’s getting dark  — the iPhone is going to sleep

M: And how do you open the code?

J: With a lock

M: With a lock, with a key. And what happens when you open it

J: The happiness goes on your shoulders

Like her kisses, the code never runs out.

“I keep ordering it,” says J.

In J’s world,  princesses are real — the ones in Disneyland, anyway. She takes this point very, very seriously.

J: Let me tell mommy this too. So, all the Disney princesses are real. Seriously. I mean, I’m telling you the truth. What are you doing?

S: laughing

J: Why did you laugh?

S: Why did I laugh?  — laughs some more

J: Why are you laughing?

S: Because the whole thing is pretty funny.

J: Yes it is. I agree.



The latest character in J’s world is the Julianna Tiger.

Like her big brother, Julianna is a Calvin and Hobbes fan. Recently, we read the strips where Calvin uses his Transmorgifier and turns into a mini tiger.

“What do you think a Julianna tiger would look like?” I asked.

“Let me tell you something,” J said. And in about fifteen seconds, she had it all laid out.

Stripes: pink and purple

Eyes: sparkling, with hearts in them

Wearing: a feather boa

Roar: only gentle ones

Is all about: LOVE. “She’s not a ferocious tiger.”

Fun Cool Fact: The J tiger can aim her tail and shoot flowers into the ground whenever she wants. She makes fields of flowers wherever she goes.

This is the Julianna tiger.

Drawing by Steve

We found an appropriately pink tiger and presented it to Julianna. She was delighted.


She named her tiger Rosie, and introduced her to Hobbes.


And there was a wedding


J dressed up, of course.

“And now they’re waiting for the babies”, says Julianna.


When you spend time with Julianna , she draws you into her beautiful world. Her world is brighter, sweeter and more joyful than ours. There’s a bit of drama and some strong opinions, but the overwhelming and overriding theme is love (sprinkled with a call to fabulousness.)

In my former life, it was important to travel and see the world. Some part of me still misses it, but for now, I am beyond content to stay here and explore our Julianna’s world. I can’t imagine anything better.

15 thoughts on ““Let Me Tell You Something”

  1. This is the cutest thing I’ve read in a while! Love how Hobbes & Rosie neeeeeed a wedding & J dresses up for it like a real wedding!

    So – J, did you tell Hobbes that he needed to kiss Rosie to make the wedding Real? You’re not -really- married until you kiss the bride .. ish.

    I also love your understanding about kisses (must be kept away in a purse for later – oh yes, especially on dreary, sad, wintery/rainy Mondays) & the code for love – you definitely have to unlock it to make it spread, & well when it spreads down onto your shoulders it is a most wonderful thing ❤

    Have a good week ahead J! (I am very amused by your pink tiger Rosie) ❤ <- I can't kiss you over a computer screen so I'll send a heart instead. STORE. IT. WELL. By order of Jiejie Eudora 😉 & you can take it out whenever you need to xx


  2. Rosie just didn’t shine until she got that tiara!
    New to your blog (People Magazine); I read from the beginning yesterday. Better for it! Julianna couldn’t be more loved and cared for, that is abundantly clear.
    That looks like helpful padding for The Wisp.. which one wishes was even wispier.. I was on cpap for a couple of years and The Wisp was better than others I tried, but it is still a mask.

    The S Korean presentation was wonderful (not that I understood the Korean parts, of course, but since you had approvals from people you can trust, I’m sure that part was good, too.
    When you publish your book, I hope you will also publish on Kindle.. for that format you don’t have to worry about numbers so much. I know the book will be wonderful.


  3. Great to see a new update. Julianna’s tiger wedding was really cute, and love the code. I went to church Sunday with Sujin and Jessica, and we prayed for Julianna to feel well and I believe our prayers along with the others that have Julianna in there hearts are working because she looks healthy and happy and I thank God for that. Lots of love and prayers from Pedro, Sujin, and Jessica.


  4. I just read your story and read through the blog and I must say I’m still in tears. You are the mother I wish I could be! Those who criticize need a quick lesson from miss J. She is a wonderful little girl. I have 3, two boys 7 & 8 and a little girl 19 months going on 19. LOL the sassiness is strong with her. I wish you the best and wish you the most beautiful time left with your little princess.


  5. Congratulations to the bride and groom. My wedding gift is a endless barrel of kisses.such a beautiful couple,and, their babies will be beautiful also. Please give hugs to them and their best friend.


  6. When I took the key and unlocked, I felt the happiness on my shoulders, and the heaviness there lifted away. I will forever remember your extremely wise code.


  7. I look forward to your posts…Julianna and your family are incredible..thank you for sharing your story. Your little girl is an inspiration and she has taken a piece of my heart! She’s an angel on earth to make us realize the joy in small and simple things and how precious life is…


  8. The articles in People Magazine are usually brain candy that I read to relax. I have been working as an RN for over 34 years. The care and support for your Julianna is beyond any positive descriptive words. Your family is so brave. Juliana will not recover from this dreadful illness. By including her in the treatment plan, this incredibly bright child is empowered. As are you. The negatve reactions are not surprising, people are naturally self-centered and controlling. Praying that your stength carries you through this most difficult of times.


  9. Hi, my name is Lisa and I came across your story on CNN a few weeks ago. I was deeply moved and have been praying for your family. Reading your story, it is a painful reminder that this world is not what it should be. One thing I am stuck by, too, is how God gave your daughter you all as her family. What a gift you are to her, as she is to you. I will continue to pray for you, especially as your story is being written in People magazine. I will pray you can be confident in your choices before the Lord. May God bless you richly and may He carry you through what He has called you to bear at this time.


  10. Like alot of others, I saw your story on People and fell madly in love with your family. I’ve joined the site to keep up with the busy Loving Ms.J, nothing melts my heart and makes my heart smile as she! I just wanted to share what an amazing inspiring journey that you share with the world & thank you all for your sharing courage with all of us! Much Love, Crystal:-)


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