Love is a Superpower

Julianna has a new nemesis.


About a week ago, J started talking about “Cash Girl.” Details are scarce. All I know is that she is a cashier in an ice cream store, and she has issues. I was introduced to her on one of J’s one-sided phone conversations. (Italics are my commentary).

J is pretending she’s on the phone. The first thing we learn is that Cash Girl is a taker.

J: Let’s get over with this. Huh? You want to take away my TV? You want to me to move out of my house? You don’t want me to have my princess room. Cash Girl, this is bad. I cannot do this. You want to take away ALL of my toys? Not all of my toys! You can’t do that! C’mon. You’re an angry girl and you’re grown up – so ACT NICER.

Cash Girl is a narcissist.

You think you’re gonna get presents b/c you think you’re good. Oh Cash Girl, you know Santa’s not going to give you presents. He’s going to give you coal. What? I’m not getting any presents? Of course I will….

She’s destructive.

CASH GIRL! You want to break my ceiling? You want to break my chandelier? Huh? You want to break the whole house? I will have nothing to live in. Huh? You’re gonna take away my house? There’s CEMENT. (J knows that houses have a cement foundation – she asked me one day why houses don’t blow away.)

She is an inhibitor of fashion and promotes infectious disease.

CASH GIRL. Stop that. You want to take away all of my clothes? Oh Cash Girl, that would take DAYS. Huh? If I told you once, I told you a thousand times. You want me to catch chicken pox and polio and leprosy? Oh Cash Girl…stop this.

And now she’s sounding scary.You want to flood the house? But that will ruin the floors. You want to do that anyway? You want to break everything? In our house? Even our cars? You want to know where I live? Well, I won’t tell you. You want me to tell you this instant or you’ll kill me?

M: (not liking the direction this is going) Why not just hang up, Julianna?

J: Mom,…she sighs... She keeps calling me.

M: Why don’t you block her number?

J: The only way to do that is to take it to the Dragon Force and have one of them breathe fire on my phone. You have to destroy the phone. (J has an answer for everything. Dragon Force?)


CG has, unfortunately, stuck around. Instead of the one-way phone conversations, J calls on me to fill the role: “Mom, be Cash Girl.”

Cash Girl, in my opinion, is an uninteresting mean girl. It’s not my favorite role, but she has led us to some funny moments.

I’m doing J’s treatment.

J: Mom, tell CG that you’re a queen.

M: Cash Girl, I’m a queen.

J: She doesn’t believe you.

M: Why should she believe me? I don’t dress like a queen. And I’m a doctor.

J: Some queens have special duties. Wear a tiara.

I oblige, then I brush her teeth.

J: There. Now you look like a queen. That tiara makes your eyes sparkle.

Cash Girl, see, she’s a queen.

M: Oh shoot, Julianna. I forgot to do your inhaler. We’ll have to brush your teeth again.

I look for her inhaler and can’t find it. I get a new one from the supply closet.

J: What does Cash Girl say?

M: See? Your mom isn’t a queen. What kind of a queen forgets to do your inhaler, and then can’t even find it?

J: in a serious tone Cash Girl…, my mom is old. She forgets things.


CG is the anti-J, which means that they have opposite fashion philosophies. CG thinks that J should only wear brown, black and gray. No sparkle, everything plain.

J: This is not funny. I take this personally.


In her colorful Supergirl shirt.

She’s also brought up a profound truth: love is a superpower.

We’re talking about superheroes.

M: What’s your superpower, Julianna?

J: I love. What does Cash Girl say about that?

M: She says “That’s not a superpower! What a fake.”

J: It IS a superpower. It makes bad people become good.



15 thoughts on “Love is a Superpower

  1. Heehee. She said you were old! Tsktsk (it is a Thing, that’s cos every child’s secret favourite thing is to remind their parents they are old) – but- wait. J once said ‘old’ people … are twelve. (Not her fault, that’s twice her age, fair enough) / … so that would, by her rules, make you Very Very Old 😮 But it’s okay! That doesn’t take away your queen-ness M, you just .. age gracefully because that’s what queens do, I suppose. Right?

    Anyway, regardless what CG thinks & what she makes you feel – I think you are a queen because- you have raised a princess who knows the value of love enough to consider it a superpower, you manage mom-stuff with doctor-stuff with online-stuff (um, the blog & instagram) all in one & yet still managed to publish a book with Julianna & Christine, & well .. come on- you’re the princess’ mom. Hahaha I think that should already put you as queen by default. You just need to believe it more – and well .. queens age too – but gracefully!

    I mean – the last I knew, the Queen of England just turned 90, hey.

    Keep going Queen M & huge hugs! (Ya, I know. I usually comment abt J-stuff but this post sounded like mom needed some love. Hehe. J needs to learn abt phonecalls though, like .. the right to refuse calls that are Mean. Block off CG – or change the number! Or just decline the call ..)

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  2. Your little girl never ceases to amaze me. That shirt she is wearing is perfect for her. She has an imagination that never stops. And such knowledge for a kid who has missed out on so many “normal” life experiences. How does she do it? I know one way is through you. You and your husband are obviously awesome parents that enrich her life in so many ways. It saddens me that she has so many limitations, but her mind, creativity, and imagination are definitely not limited! Thank you so much for sharing her story and well, her, with us. I love hearing her stories!

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  3. Julianna is so right, you ARE a queen! You have instilled the Love that she shares with all of us. What a wonderful way for her to share her amazing imagination along with her lessons of love can conquer all…

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  4. I guess Julianna has figured out that there is opposition in all things……but do we have to create it? hehe……she is toooooo cute and love the pink shirt….everyone should have one! You two keep that CG in line!!!!!:) Love you

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  5. Your right Julianna love Is definitely a superpower . I hope all is well with you and your family. Sending our love and prayers from Pedro, Sujin, and Jessica.

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  6. I agree with you, Julianna, love is a superpower and I know it is your superpower. The reason I know is that I can feel the love you emanate all the way from where you live to here where I live, in Tennessee! That is some super powerful love! Cash Girl doesn’t stand a chance against your love. I’m hoping you can feel my love from Tennessee. Even though I don’t have your superpower, I believe your superpower is strong enough for you to feel it coming back your way. 💖👑 💖

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  7. After an unusually busy day of one meeting after another, so busy….my day just seemed to get away from me. I’m so glad I got the opportunity to step out of my day and read this blog. Wow, the pictures of Julianna are so beautiful. Her countenance is beaming and eyes are radiant. Her hair is growing longer. Love…LOVE…love…to see her sitting up and smiling; and also able to be mobile again in her new chair! When I read she had received a new chair (donated), it came to my memory of how she so unselfishly had given away her other chair. It was wonderful to hear she got another chair that she needed that is perfect for all her current needs.
    Back to temporarily stepping out of my day to read this blog. Julianna is super intelligent, wistful and the stories she comes up with are hilarious. She could be a TV or movie screen writer. Her stories are wholesome, thought provoking, and always have a good ending. I love venturing off into Julianna’s world. It ALWAYS makes my day.
    Praying God’s Best for every one of you,
    Lorna Redd


  8. I see another book developing! Princess J turns Cash Girl into an ATM dispensing LOVE notes!!! Providing everyone the greatest currency there is…LOVE.

    Rock on Princess J!!

    Janice (sure-wish-I-was-a-princess) King


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